CHC Services

Hygiene Services

Cleaning and Hygiene

                • General office cleaning.

                • Ablution cleaning,

                • Provision and maintenance of washroom products including sanitary bins, liquid soap dispensers, seat sanitizers, supply of paper products, and more.

Pest Control

                • Fleas treatment.

                • Rodent and Cockroach.

                • Tamper proof Bait Boxes.

Microbial Fogging Fumigation and Spraying

                • Fumigation with the use of formaldehyde vapor is the recognized and most commonly used method because it is a cost-effective procedure.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning and Sanitation

                • Chemically based to rid all bathroom units and critical touch points from bacteria.

                • We protect you from the VISIBLE and the INVISIBLE 

Consultancy Services – Tenders

Pest Control-rodents

Pest Control-cockroaches

Rodents (Tamper-proof Bait Stations) 

Carpet Cleaning and Dry Cleaning Extraction 

Consultancy Services - compiling of tender documentation 

Office Sanitation or Deep Cleaning  

                • Focuses on the critical touch points which is common ground for bacteria.

Supply of  Water Dispensers and Refills


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